Leading airline groups by traffic

This ranking lists airlines at a group level by RPKs flown in 2017, together with their major subsidiaries. These units are only listed where data is available and annual RPKs exceed nine billion, while the use of different sources means subsidiary totals do not necessarily match group figures. Data for the top 150 available at flightglobal.com/dashboard

While this table functions as a ranking of discrete airline groups by traffic and their prominent subisidaries, in some cases it is impossible and/or illogical to split data from airline groups into individual operating units. Furthermore, in some instances the figures for an airline will incorporate those of a co-branded regional operator. While we have endeavoured to compare like-for-like businesses, the rankings are indicative. Subsidiaries have been listed where RPKs total more than 9,000m. Estimates have been used for indicative purposes. Segment figures are used for cargo and leisure operators where individual airline data is unavailable; TRAFFIC/CAPACITY/LOADS Traffic data generally includes scheduled and charter. All data is in metric units as follows: RPK=revenue passenger km, ASK=available seat km, RTK=revenue tonne km, 1 US ton=1.1 tonnes and 1 mile=1.609km; YEAR Results are for the most recent fiscal year where available; SOURCES Data is primarily sourced from company replies to Flight Airline Business or company reports. Other sources include national regulators, regional airline associations and ICAO.